Business Elite Web Connect

Business Elite Web Connect allows you and your business to instantly share your desktop and ideas online with anyone, anywhere. Our service is a professional yet affordable solution for conducting everyday web meetings. Participants need only a browser and  Supports up to 8 concurrent live video feeds Internet connection. This invaluable tool can be used for team meetings, webinars, sales presentations, online training, tutorials, brainstorming, and more. As the meeting host, you have complete control over all participants and their interactions within the meeting room. Business Elite Web Connect provides all the features you need; yet it's simple and practical. Your Web Connect account is a complete solution that combines an administrative Control Panel and Virtual Meeting Room.


Business Elite Web Connect Features and Benefits

Desktop Sharing: Share your desktop in real time with your customers and colleagues. Our adjustable sharing pane lets you choose the size and shape of the area you wish to share, so only relevant content is displayed. Guide your audience through slide shows, process diagrams, or training presentations with greater impact than delivering the same content off-line.


Video Conferencing: Web Connect supports up to 8 concurrent live video feeds, allowing meeting participant to see and interact with each other in real time.


Virtual Whiteboard: A picture says a 1000 words; brainstorm and collaborate in real time using this innovative feature that allows you to pass drawing tools from one participant to the next. Whether mapping out a network diagram, floor plan, or organizational chart, meeting participants can contribute to the collective vision and outcome of a design session.


Video and Document Sharing: Your account includes over 500 megabytes of password-protected document and video storage space that you can access or share from any internet-connected computer.


Attendee Management: As meeting host, you control all attendee permissions from an integrated management dashboard.


Meeting Chat and Note Tools: You can allow your guests to chat privately between individuals, or publicly with the group. The public chat board can be saved at the end of your meeting to allow you to follow-up off-line to questions or comments posted during your presentation. A notes board is also included in the meeting room interface to keep track of action items, decisions, and conclusions.


Integrated VOIP audio or traditional dial-in audio bridge: The Business Elite web conferencing solution allows the host to choose the mode for sharing meeting room audio content. Each account includes a private, PIN secured dial-up conference line to complement the built-in VOIP audio capabilities.


Conference Recording: Need to record and share or review the audio and video content of your meeting at a later date? The built-in recording tool lets you save meetings to your computer in formats that can be posted or redistributed through your web site, meeting room, email, and other electronic media.


Slide Presenter The slide presenter tool is great to assist in displaying a powerpoint presentation. You will be able to review slides with your guests as well as emphasize your presentation with some added tools.


Video Postcards A tool you will want to familiarize yourself with is the video postcard tool. Video postcards allow you to record a video and place it on a background design which can help promote your conference, thank your guests for attending, or just to send a friendly greeting.


All of this functionality exists in a secure virtual meeting room that gives the host complete control over attendee permissions and interactions. Web Connect also comes with a Host Control Panel that gives you the ability to customize the branding and appearance of your meeting room; access product help guides, and manage your Web Connect account settings and resources.