Business Elite SMS Marketing

The mobile phone is quickly becoming the number one form of communications in the world. Yet most businesses are not yet taking advantage of the revolution of permission-based text message (SMS) marketing.

Here are some SMS Marketing statistics you might find interesting:

  • Global penetration of mobile phones will surpass 3 billion users by 2012
  • Text messaging, also known as SMS, is built into over 95 percent of all mobile phones
  • Text message have over a 95% percent read rate (compared to 8% for email and 2% for print)
  • Today, more than 120 million consumers actively text messages in the U.S. and Canada
  • Of the 350 billion text messages sent monthly, 15% are for marketing purposes
  • A recent Jupiter Research report showed that 30% of consumers want coupons sent by text
Global penetration of mobile phones will surpass 3 billion users by 2012                


All of this points to a staggeringly large opportunity to take advantage of mobile SMS marketing technology to grow your business. Here's how text marketing works...


Here's how text marketing works...


You are probably familiar with email marketing programs such as Constant Contact or Aweber. These programs allow you to build a database of customers that opt-in to receive your messages by email. Once a customer opts in to your list you are then able to broadcast your permission-based promotions, coupons and special announcements whenever you would like.


Here's the biggest problem: most people don't read their email anymore!


Well now you can accomplish the exact same goal of communicating with your customers, but with the enhanced power and reach of text. Instead of one out of twelve people reading your message, as is the case with e-mail, you can have eleven people out of twelve read your message when sent as a text! How would you like to have ten times more customers seeing and responding to your special offers?


With 5LINX Business Elite Services you have access to your very own text marketing service at no extra cost! You simply select a "keyword" that you can promote to your customers (and the general public), and then every time someone texts that keyword to our special "5LINX" (55469) Short Code, they will be added to your own database. Once they are in your database, you can then send a message by text to your entire list whenever you want with a click of a button.


Business SMS Marketing Example


Say, for example, that you owned a restaurant. Your Tuesday's are very slow and you want to increase business on those days. So you put a sign on your counter that says "Join our VIP customer club. Receive great discounts every week. "Text DISCOUNTS to 55469". Your customers see the sign and send a text as instructed. Then every Tuesday morning you send out a text broadcast to the entire list offering them 20% off any dinner special. Your Tuesday night business goes up 50% and everybody wins! You can send any offer you want, any time you want. Having a slow Thursday? Just log in to your web-based account and send out a quick "buy-one-get-one" offer good until the end of the day. You could be flooded with customers looking to take advantage of this limited-time deal.


These are the kinds of success stories business like yours are seeing with text marketing. To try it for yourself to see how it works, simply text the word TEST to the number 55469 (this is just like a phone number, only with less digits, hence the term "short code"). If you've ever watched American Idol you know how these short codes and keywords work. Once you have sent this text, you will immediately receive a response to your mobile phone. It's that easy!


If you would like to set up your own business text marketing account, simply click on the "Sign up " button at the bottom of this page. You will be able to set up an account in less than 5 minutes, including your own exclusive keyword and 1,000 free text messages a month. Start growing your business today... Set-up your text marketing account by clicking below.