FAQ - SMS Marketing

What is SMS?
SMS stands for Short Message Service, and represents the ability to send short text-based messages from one mobile device to another. Texting has become ubiquitous in today’s society, and currently over 350 billion text messages are sent every single month!
How does SMS or Text Marketing Work?
Text marketing is built around the concept of consumers “opting in” to a list to receive information via text to their phone. The consumer opts in simply by texting a keyword to a designated Short Code phone number. The consumer’s mobile phone number is then captured in a database that you control. This is very similar to email marketing programs like Aweber or Constant Contact, which allow you to build email databases and communicate via email on demand. The key difference is that where only about 12% of emails are opened, a whopping 95% of all text messages are opened. This a distinct marketing and communication advantage.
What is a Short Code?
A Short Code is a 5 or 6 digit phone number that is used exclusively for SMS/text communication. The Short Code you will utilize in the 5LINX Business Elite Services SMS Marketing service is 55469. When mobile phone carriers text a keyword to a Short Code, the mobile number is captured in a database for later use.
What is a Keyword?
A Keyword is any unique word or phrase that people would text to the designated short code to join your specific list. While a single Short Code can be shared by any number of keywords, the keywords within each Short Code must by definition be unique. In other words, only one person can own the keyword “5LINX” under the Short Code 55469. Essentially, your keyword is your personal invitation to others to join your list.
How do I reserve my Keyword?
Reserving a keyword is very simple. For a quick 5-minute tutorial, go to: http://tinyurl.com/45ujnbs
How many subscribers can I have in my list (database)?
As we mentioned earlier, your keyword is nothing more than an invitation to others to join your distribution list. There is NO limit to how many people can text your keyword, and no limit to how many people can be included in your list. You can have a million people (or more) in your database at no extra cost.
How many Keywords do I get?
In your basic 5LINX Business Elite subscription, your SMS Marketing package includes one keyword.
How many broadcasts or messages can I send?
The basic SMS Marketing package includes up to 1,000 outbound text messages per month.
What if I need more than one keyword or the ability to send more than 1,000 messages/month?
If your text marketing needs are greater than one keyword and 1,000 messages/month, we have 2 overage plans available. For each additional 1,ooo messages you use in a month you will be charged $25. For each additional text marketing keyword you sign up you will be charged $15 each. Your monthly bill will automatically be adjusted to these plans based on your actual text marketing usage.
What are some common uses for SMS/Text Marketing?
Businesses of all kinds can use text marketing to grow sales and provide timely information to their customers. A restaurant, for example, can invite customers to join their “VIP Club” and then send a coupon to everyone on the list each week to drive up their business during their slow periods.
How can I learn more about using Text Marketing and setting up campaigns and blasts?
We are continually adding new training videos and tutorials to the SMS Marketing module. Simply click on the “Tutorials” tab and you will have access to several how-to resources. It may take a little time to fully understand all of the tremendous features and opportunities, but it is well worth the investment in time.

FAQ - Tech Support

How does the tech support service work?
5LINX makes technology work for you and provides immediate support when you have any kind of problem with your computer. We offer three easy solutions to resolving your computer issues:

1. Phone: Our award-winning technicians can solve the majority of problems remotely over the phone.
2. Internet: Using state of the art technology, our 4-star technicians can fix the problem through live chat and remote screen sharing.
3. Onsite Support: If a technician cannot resolve the problem by phone, chat or remote screen sharing, a local technician can be dispatched (at an additional charge) to resolve your problem at your home or office. Our nationwide network of technicians is the largest in the United States, consisting of 10,000+ trained and insured support technicians. As a 5LINX Business Elite customer you receive a deep discount on their rates.
How does the Remote technician take control of my screen to fix the problem?
Our trained technician will send an electronic authorization form to you via the Internet or over the phone. Once you authorize the technician to fix the problem, your computer system will connect to our software-based program, allowing our technician to view your screen remotely and fix the problem while you watch.
Is Remote Screen Sharing safe and secure?
The system uses 128 bit encryption to ensure Remote Screen Sharing is secure and safe to use. As the client, you must initiate and authorize Remote Sharing prior to any sharing taking place. Once you authorize Remote Screen Sharing, our technicians only fix the problem you requested, and you can take back control of your system, at any time, by simply moving your mouse. At the end of a session, the screen sharing program is immediately removed from your computer, and takes about 30 seconds to complete.
How long does a remote support session take?
Your 5LINX Business Elite membership comes with UNLIMITED remote support minutes. The technician will provide you a time estimate at the beginning of each session, and we'll do our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If you've requested a specific remote repair service (e.g. Operating System Service), the technician will provision the service irrespective of how long it takes.
Are your technicians qualified?
Our remote repair technicians won PC Magazine's editor's choice award, and all of our onsite technicians must maintain a 4-star rating. Moreover, all remote support technicians are based in North America. Specific qualifications include MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers) A+ certification, Level I, II and III.
What can your Technicians fix remotely or over the phone?
Our technicians can fix most software and system problems remotely. If our technician determines that your system has a hardware issue, an onsite technician can be dispatched (additional fees may apply).
Can remote support connect through dial-up?
Yes, but if you are connected to our system via a dial-up connection it will take longer to fix your problem due to limited connection speed. PCs that are over 4 years old or systems running Windows 98 or ME are also less stable and may be more difficult to fix remotely with a dial-up connection. If you have a dial-up connection, we recommend you call our technical support service.
Can your technicians help me fix my older computer?
Yes, we can help fix any computer; however, the older the system, the more complex the problem may be and the more time it may take to fix the problem.
What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee for onsite support?
All purchases of onsite service include the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service performed by the technician, simply contact us within 48 hours to take advantage of the guarantee.

FAQ - Web Connect

What are the system requirements needed for an effective Web Conference?
The Web Connect service works best on PC computers running Windows 2000 or later, with at least 512 MB of RAM. Though the program will work on a Mac, performance may be inconsistent. A broadband Internet connection works best, though the service can still work with a dial up connection of at least 56Kbps.
How many people can attend my Web Conference meeting?
The Web Connect product can support up to 40 Web Conference Attendees, 8 Live Video Conference Attendees, and up to 1,000 Teleconferencing Attendees.
Do I and my meeting room guests need high speed internet access?
A 56kbps connection is required, but for best result we recommend a broadband or DSL connection.
Do I need to download any software?
Web Connect is a web based application, and requires no software to be running on your computer. However the Web Seminar Recorder does require a software installation.
Is there a limit to how much I can use the service?
You have UNLIMITED webinar access as long as you are a member of 5LINX Business Elite Services.
Can I use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?
For a smaller Web Conferences, VoIP in fine. We recommend that you use a headset and microphone combination. The audio bridge is for larger meetings or times where an Internet connection is not an option.
What do I need to broadcast live video?
For optimal video conferencing, the download speed of your guests must be as fast as your upload speed.
How can I protect my meeting room’s privacy?
If the meeting room is also used by others and you do not want them to be able to login using your account information, do not click the Store Info check box during login. You will then be required to manually re-enter your information each time you login.
What type of security is included with the Web Connect Service?
Web Connect employs both user and meeting room authentication. This simply means that each operator or guest has his/her own username and password, which is used to join a specific web meeting room. The advantages of user-based authentication when combined with meeting-based authentication is that guests only have to remember one username & password and no one can assume a person's identity in a meeting.
Am I protected from getting a virus during a conference?
Everyone in the web meeting room is connected to the secure conference server and not directly to your computer. The only potential for a virus is if you accept a file sent by someone in your meeting and that file is infected. We recommend that you always run a virus protection program with auto file scan enabled.
How do I Grant Rights to my attendees?
In the meeting room, click the button for Guest Rights. From here the host decides what right to grant by simply checking the appropriate box.
Can I Show a Flash Presentation in my meeting room?
Yes. Simply upload it to your own website, navigate to that URL from the Co-Browser, and then push that page to your Guests.
What are the possible causes of disconnection during a meeting?
1. A slow Internet connection that periodically drops to low KB/sec rate
2. A shared connection, (LAN or WAN) line can easily become saturated
3. A wireless (WI-FI) Internet connection, weak or interrupted signal
4. Other programs using the Internet connection, such as email or messenger programs, Skype, etc.

FAQ - VIP Discounts

What is the VIP Discounts program and why is included in Business Elite Services?
The VIP Discounts program offered through 5LINX Business Elite Services is the world’s largest discount network. Since many of the discounts involve travel, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, etc., this is much more than just a consumer savings network. It is a perfect way for your business to save on the services you need.
How do I save money with VIP Discounts?
Once you log in to the VIP Discounts portal, you will have access to several different categories of savings options. For the fastest results, simply enter your Zip code into the search box and you will immediately be presented with dozens of printable coupon offers in your local area, including restaurants, entertainment, golf, local retail stores, hotels, travel, and much more!
Is there a limit to how many coupons I can print and use?
No. You can print and use as many coupons as you wish every month. There is no limit.
Can I utilize VIP Discounts when I am out of town?
That is one of the very best features of the VIP Discounts service. Unlike your local Entertainment Guide, which is only useful when you are in your hometown, the VIP Discount service can be utilized from wherever you may be traveling. Just enter in the Zip code where you are presently located, and dozens of offers from that city will be listed. It’s like owning an Entertainment Guide in 250+ North America cities at once!
How many different merchants offer discounts?
Over 150,000 merchants throughout the U.S. and Canada offer money-savings discounts through the VIP Discounts program. Most of these offers are 50% off or Buy-One-Get-One-Free deals. You can easily save more than the cost of 5LINX Business Elite Services each month just by utilizing these incredible savings.
Can I access VIP Discounts from another computer if I am on the road or do not have my computer?
Yes. As with all of the 5LINX Business Elite Services offerings, your membership is completely web-based. So you can log in to www.5LINXBizElite.com with your unique Username and Password from any computer.
How do I learn more about the range of available discounts?
The best way to discover all of the great discounts built in to your VIP Discounts membership is to spend some time browsing through the web site and clicking on all of the categories. There are so many ways to save, it would be impossible to explain them all in this document. For example, there is even a section in which you can even print grocery coupons on demand as well! From a business perspective, some of the most popular and useful discounts are in the areas of office supplies, dining, car rental, hotel and travel accommodations, golf, and so much more. Use the service just once and you are likely to get hooked.

FAQ - Business Connections

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